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As long as I can remember, I've been interested in art.  I had studied many different mediums throughout the years but never thought I could make a practical living as an artist.  That is until one fateful day in 2004 when A friend who worked for a cosmetics line offered to try me out for an upcoming event.  I knew absolutely nothing about makeup but, given my creative background, figured I would give it a shot.  I spent the next few weeks scouring how-to makeup books and, when the day came, shamelessly faked my way through the event.  The clients loved my work, the company asked me to stay on and I never looked back.  Over the next few years I worked for several major cosmetics lines and in 2009 I began freelancing.


One of the aspects of my job that I enjoy the most is meeting and working with people of varying backgrounds and cultures.  I believe beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors and I love to have a part in making people feel good about themselves.  I specialize in headshots, period & vintage shoots (my favorite!), media production, weddings, red carpet events and beauty lessons.  I am based in Los Angeles and am available for some travel.

And now for a few personal details: I grew up right here in Hollywood, California.  I love to cook and travel and, in addition to makeup artistry, I design A  modern jewelry line called Apartment24.

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